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Your Data Journey is Our Story

Unlock the power of your data with First CDO Partners.

Data capabilities are changing fast. It’s difficult to keep up with new AI models when you are already struggling to understand and utilize your data to its maximum value. You or your board may be asking:

  "How do we take advantage of the new AI and Large Language Models (e.g., Chat GPT)?

  "Why do we struggle to get simple things right, like data quality?

Data holds the key to unlocking your business's true potential, but understanding and utilizing it effectively can be a daunting task. That's where First CDO Partners excels. Our team of experts will help you navigate the intricate landscape of data, aligning it seamlessly with your business goals and values. We align your business needs with your technology capabilities to drive value and simplify your business experience.

First CDO Partners provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to get your data on track and propel your business toward a prosperous future. We relieve your business leaders from data-related concerns, enabling them to fully concentrate on maximizing value for your company and shareholders. Similarly, we unburden your technology leaders from data management, allowing them to administer and optimize systems. Depending on where you are on your data journey, we will provide Data Gap Analysis and Maturity Assessments, Data Strategy Services, or Data Governance Program formation or reinvigoration. 

First CDO Partners’ purpose is to serve as your data leader, perhaps your first.

Introducing Morgan Templar

The visionary founder behind First CDO Partners

Morgan Templar 0321246377Web.jpg

With an impressive track record spanning three decades, Morgan has spearheaded many large data transformation efforts, saving companies over a billion dollars and eliminating 10 times that number in dollars at risk. And here’s her secret: Data is the ingredient that links business to technology. It is the key to driving lasting change.

"That's why I founded First CDO Partners. Because knowing that DATA IS THE ANSWER and knowing what to do next are not the same thing." - Morgan Templar

First CDO Partners is not here to sell you a product. We are dedicated to getting your data right – tailored specifically to your customers, employees, and shareholders. Our comprehensive approach empowers you to take control of, govern, and optimize your data in ways that fuel growth and drive transformation.

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Our Mission and Vision

Mission: Enable access to AI & Digital Capabilities by making data understandable, available, and transparent.

Vision: To create a better world through better information.

Partner with First CDO Partners to define your desired outcomes, build strategic capabilities, and create a roadmap for data success. Our unrivaled expertise and personalized solutions ensure that you make the most of your data assets, propelling your business to new heights.

Ready to revolutionize the way you harness data? Reach out using the Contact Us form below or send an email to Discover the power of First CDO Partners and unleash the true potential of your data today.

Data. Our Passion. Your Success.


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